European journalists follow Kuciak murder investigation

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Journalist associations are closely following the investigation. The journalists find it troubling that among the possible suspects there are former members of state security agencies.

According to the Association of European Journalists, another important question is the identity of the person ordering the murders and it is vital to prevent further infiltration of organized crime into the police force, state administration and judiciary system.

The Slovak Association of Journalists (SAN) welcomes the police action and believes that the events are a positive development. The SAN believes that a new law could regulate protecting journalists.

Ján Kuciak was killed in Veľká Mača in February, the event started mass protests which led to the resignation of PM Robert Fico and Minister of Interior Robert Kaliňák. On September 27th, the police conducted a widespread operation in Kolárovo, Slovakia, while eight people were taken into custody – among them a former policeman and the former police chief of the city. It is not yet known exactly how the suspects were involved in the crime.


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