VIDEO: Polish firefighter’s heartwarming marriage proposal at Presidential Palace

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Shortly after receiving his medal for heroic service from Polish President Andrzej Duda, firefighter Krzysztof Lewiński proposed to his fiancé in the presence of the president and the First Lady.

Lewiński serves as a firefighter in the State Fire Service in Zduńska Wola in Central Poland. In 2019, along with his co-workers, he saved a mother and two children from drowning.

President Duda decided to reward the heroic act of the firefighters and invited them to the Presidential Palace in Warsaw.

Shortly after receiving the decoration from the president, Lewiński knelt before his girlfriend and asked her to marry him.

The beautiful moment was caught on camera and was published on the official presidential web page:

The firefighter explained later in an interview to Radio Łódź that he made the decision to propose to his fiancé at that occasion spontaneously. He had also asked Duda himself for permission prior to the event.

“Andrzej Duda admitted that he had not been witness to such a situation before but had accepted without second thoughts!” Lewiński said.

Most importantly, the firefighter’s fiancé, Adrianna, said “yes”, which was met with the enthusiastic reaction of the president, the First Lady, and everyone present.

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