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Massive campaign of pro-life posters in Poland

Reports claim the cost of the pro-life billboards has reached €2.19 million. Whose idea was it, and who is paying for them?

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: wprost.pl

It’s difficult not to notice the pro-life posters in several Polish towns and cities, as they appear every few hundred meters. In addition to the posters with an image of an unborn child in a uterus in the shape of a heart, there is a second set with slogans in red, such as “Mom and dad love each other,” on a white background.

The Our Children Foundation – Education, Health, Faith is responsible for the first type of poster, and the Sychar Community for Difficult Marriages is responsible for the second type.

There have also been several other posters with different slogans such as: “I have 11 weeks,” “I depend on and trust in you,” “I am eco/Protect life” or just simply “Life.”

What has been the response of pro-abortion supporters to these innocent posters? The Pro-Catholic organization FideiDefensor had this to say about pro-abortionists on Twitter. “How have pro-abortionists responded to the slogan: “Mom and dad love each other”? It’s not difficult to guess: “f**k off.” We pity these people and pray for them.”

Sychar stated on its website that the goal of the poster campaign is to promote the values of marriage and parental love.

“It does not have any other aim than to show the importance of good and proper relations between parents and couples for establishing a lasting marriage and family bonds. This is the basis for the correct and healthy development of children,” Sychar wrote on its website, emphasizing that it supports the values of the Our Children Foundation.

According to paper Dziennik Zachodni, the current cost of the pro-life billboards has reached up to €2.19 million. Many have therefore asked who is financing such an expensive endeavor. Portal Wirtualna Polska has reported that the head of the Our Children Foundation is one of Poland’s 100 richest people – Mateusz Kłosek.

He is the owner of the Eko-Okna (eco windows) company and has previously financed the construction of a monastery. At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, his employees released a symbolic rosary crafted from balloons. Moreover, the entrepreneur has also financed the renovation of an orphanage and given over half a million euros to a Polish hospital.

Title image: Pro-life posters with the slogan “Mom and dad love each other” on a Polish street. Source: TT/FideiDefensorPL