‘Canceling’ the Polish word “Murzyn” is just the first step in the Left’s barbaric cultural revolution

The Left attempts to “cancel” father of modern Polish literature Henryk Sienkiewicz

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Piotr Relich

Following the epic fiasco of last year’s “anti-racist” Black Lives Matter protests, Polish revolutionaries are not giving up attempts to artificially transfer Western ideals onto Polish soil.

After an incredibly long search, they finally found something: Literature Nobel Prize laureate Henryk Sienkiewicz is the supposed culprit responsible for raising entire generations of racists, as through his novel W Pustyni i w Puszczy (In Desert and Wilderness), he ravaged the minds of primary school students.

The Council for Polish Language added fuel to the fire by declaring that the word “Murzyn” (closest translation is “Negro” or “Black person”) is offensive.

I sort of pity our Left. I don’t envy their backbreaking mission to create post-colonial guilt among citizens of a country that barely ever had any overseas territories. Yet, as we all well know, the sky’s the limit in the Left’s imagination. If feminists can stand together in defense of prostitution, then Poles can be turned into ruthless racists.

The man behind this attempted revolution concerning the supposed racial struggle in Poland is Left Party MP Maciej Gdula, who demanded the removal of In Desert and Wilderness from the curriculum. He believes that this would be “an elementary prevention of racism that we should consider,” as according to him, the Polish literature classic claims that “the rule of Whites is necessary because without it, Blacks are unable to even come close to civilization. Whites are the Suez Canal, quinine and Christian faith while Blacks are sloth, superstition and pointless killings.”

In actuality, Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel, In Desert and Wilderness, which was written in 1911, drew on the writer’s experiences during his trip to Africa. The plot is set in Sudan during the Muslim uprising against the English. The supporters of Mahdi, the leader of the uprising, abduct the children of a Pole and an Englishman working for the Suez Canal Company.

Appropriate media also threw in their two cents by noting the Council of the Polish Language’s decision to officially discourage the usage of the word “Murzyn.” In the council’s opinion, the word has negative connotations today. It appears in the novel 180 times.

But the institution went even further. The council gave its patronage to the “Guidelines: How to speak and write about minorities” initiative, created by the Fleishman Hillard agency. In this publication, activists from all sorts of organizations, such as the Campaign against Homophobia, teach us how to speak about homosexuality and use different feminine gendered words. They also convince us as to why we can’t use terms such as “wave of migration” and, of course, “Murzyn.”

Everyone can therefore see where this madness is leading. The Left also sees this, but this is what it intends: One must push the pebble that will create an avalanche to consume Poland’s millennia-long heritage. Everything that will remain is for show and pseudo-intellectual scribbles for “useful idiots.”

After this operation, nothing will remain of Polish literature. The crown jewel of this process will be the symbolic replacement of Sienkiewicz’s famous Trilogy with Olga Tokarczuk’s (also a literature Nobel prize laureate) Books of Jacob in which Poles are shown as ruthless colonizers and oppressors of minorities.

Title image: Henryk Sienkiewicz portrait drawn by A. Regulski, Source: Wikipedia.


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