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Polish pro-life activist sentenced and fined for report that tied homosexuality to pedophilia and HIV

Mariusz Dzierżąwski, a member of the board of the Right to Life foundation, was sentenced on Wednesday by a court in Gdańsk to one year of community service and a fine of 15,000 Polish złoty (€3,204). The case involved a publicity campaign by the foundation against the WHO guidelines on LGBT sex education. The publicity […]
Catholics FBI Persecution of Christians Pro-life Rosary US Commentary Poland
1M AGOCatholics FBI Persecution of Christians Pro-life Rosary US Commentary Poland

The US went from the land of religious freedom to the FBI labeling Orthodox Catholic groups as extremist threats

Leaked FBI document shows that Catholics working in pro-life organizations, praying the rosary or attending sermons in the Latin language were classified as extremists, and referred to by the acronym RTC (Radically Traditional Catholic)

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