Polish windsurfing champion: I hope Poland will be a haven of normality and Christianity

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It is rare for the best athletes to give testament to deep Catholic faith and connection to patriotic values. It is therefore even more important to appreciate the position of Zofia Klepacka who has set an example for young people many times on how success and careers should not be the most important goals in life.

In an interview for Radio Warszawa, Klepacka spoke not only about her recent successes (she achieved the bronze medal in the European windsurfing championships last week), but also about motherhood and ethics.

“We can see the direction in which the modern world is heading. In some countries, euthanasia and abortion are commonplace. I hope Poland will be an example for Europe and a haven of Christianity, normality and normal values,” she said.

Klepacka explained that this is where her defense of vandalized churches and statues of Polish national heroes stems from. She emphasized that she is on the side of allowing all unborn children to enter our world and added that the fundamental aspect of her life is family.

The athlete noted that Catholicism and patriotism are the result of upbringing.

Klepacka turned a young woman away from abortion

She also admitted that she had managed to turn a young mother away from carrying out an abortion.

“She messaged me, and it turned out that she was in a bad situation. I’m happy because through my testament I convinced that woman to not terminate her pregnancy. I believe that if we will speak about this out loud, others will follow our example,” Klepacka said.

Zofia Klepacka is one of Poland’s most awarded athletes and is still participating in events. She holds the title of world champion in windsurfing and came second twice.

She also received a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London and took the title of European champion several times.

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