Polish women organize movement in support of pro-life and Catholic values

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For the last ten days Poland has been engulfed in widespread protests following the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court to rule eugenic abortion incompatible with the constitution. In addition to the protests, a wave of unprecedented attacks on churches and vandalization of Catholic monuments has occurred, including on statues of Saint John Paul II. 

In the context of these events, a group supporting a pro-life stance has arisen that is seen by many as representing the silent majority in Poland. 

Left-wing activists have created a narrative concerning abortion that pits both men and women against each other, according to the pro-life group, The group also believes that women are not as unanimous in their viewpoints on critical social issues like abortion as those with radical feminist beliefs would like them to be. 

The #ImNotStriking movement (#NieStrajkuję in Polish), has been gaining traction on social media in opposition to the pro-abortion “Women’s Strike”, especially on Twitter. Many women are posting pictures of themselves while holding up signs in support of pro-life values and in defense of unborn children, including drawing a picture of an unborn baby on their palms of their hands. 

“I am joining the #ImNotStriking happening because I do not accept the lynching of women and their families who are in favor of life; insulting the disabled; the devastation of churches and threats towards the faithful; receiving death threats from protesters; or the ‘Women’s Strike’ speaking in my name,” wrote journalist and television presenter Marta Piasecka while showing a symbol of an unborn child on her hand.

If viewed within Twitter’s platform, the above user’s post has been restricted by Twitter as “sensitive content”.

Another woman wrote: “I am showing solidarity with all those women who are not permitting the attacks on churches and monuments in the name of supposed struggle for their rights.”

Twitter user “I hate duplicity” criticized feminists for not allowing women with differing views voice their opinion, writing, “I’m a woman, a Pole, a Catholic, a right-wing supporter and one day I’ll be a mother. A mother is an incubator – the most caring one in the world, but what would you feminists know about that.? I cook, clean, do the groceries because I like doing that. I do not feel I’m a slave, because there is no disgrace in working.”

A different user, nienawidzę obłudy, warned that Marxists are using youth to radically change Poland, writing, “#I’mNotStriking because screaming profanities on streets and supporting a civilization of death completely does not suit me. Marxists are using the hands of naïve children to reconstruct Poland. It’ll never happen!”

One woman emphasized the importance of conveying values of life and faith to our children:

“#I’mNotStriking because I’m a mom and through my viewpoints, I teach values to children — values such as life, values such as faith, and the value of patriotism!”

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