10,000 people attend Warsaw’s annual March for Life

Source: March for Life and Family FB page.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Thousands of pro-life activists braved the rain in the center of Warsaw to participate in the Polish Episcopate-backed National March for Life and Family on Sunday, organized under the slogan, “Children are the Future of Poland.”

One of the organizers of the march, Paweł Ozdoba, told the Catholic Information Agency (KAI) that the estimated attendance was around 10,000 participants. However, it was not the numbers that were most important, especially given the stormy weather, but the joy and determination to give testimony to one’s beliefs. According to Ozdoba, the march was a strong message sent to society and the government that underlined the value of life and family

The marchers demonstrated under pro-life banners and with portraits of Pope John Paul II. The main banner at the demonstration reading “Children are the future of Poland” raised not only the demographic challenge faced by Poland but also the social, spiritual, and cultural importance of the issue.

It also reminded people about the tragedy of the Ulma family, including an unborn child, killed by the Germans during World War II for sheltering Jews. They are to be the first family ever to be beatified by the Catholic Church this September. 

The march was attended by pro-life movement leaders Pamela Delgado from Colombia and Tomislav Cunovic from Germany. Cunovic praised Poland for its legal record in protecting life and said that “natural law is more important than the word of Brussels.”

Theologian Father Skrzypczak reminded the faithful of John Paul II’s warnings about failing to stand up for good against evil with regard to the right to life. He contrasted the joy of the day’s march with the aggressive and vulgar anti-clerical demonstrations that profaned symbols dear to the Church and its followers. He noted how the calls for women’s rights were coupled with hostility toward the Church and God. 

Father Skrzypczak also warned about the ideological struggle against the family and attempts to replace it with other constructs. He said that “in a world where 300 million people live alone, and in the EU where one in four households are single, egotism seemed to be winning out over love and family.”

The theologian was frank about the shortcomings of the Church’s messaging in combating alien ideologies. He said that priests attempting to make masses more attractive with music or wearing jeans was not resulting in the gospel reaching the people. He felt that the Church had failed in making the faithful connect with Christ and that the message was not being passed through the generations. He said that this may be because the older generations have also failed to connect with Christ. 

The first March for Life and Family took place in Warsaw in 2006. Over 150 towns and cities all over Poland have organized such events. 

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