‘The 21st century’s greatest battle will be the battle for the family’ – March for Life and Family in Warsaw attracts over 1,000 supporters

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The March for Life and Family passed through Warsaw’s historic city center and old town on Sunday, with its participants carrying Polish flags and whole families, including many children, joining the event.

The head of the Center for Life and Family, Paweł Ozdoba, who organized the demonstration, explained that the march is an annual event during which people may peacefully manifest their pro-family values.

He added that this year’s march was meant to be a form of appeal to the government to tighten legislation concerning forbidding the profanation of national and religious symbols.

This is due to the recent numerous attacks of LGBT activists on Christian symbols and values.

“We want to show that the family has its defenders. The 21st century’s greatest battle will be the battle for the family. We want to show that we do not agree to abortion, which is happening in our country surprisingly often,” he said.

President Andrzej Duda who joined the march and walked with people for several hundred meters was warmly welcomed by the participants.

The education officer for the Małopolska voivodship, Barbara Nowak, underlined that only the natural family guarantees security to children, which in turn leads to a safe Poland.

She warned that there are currently many aggressive ideologies developing in Europe, which are trying to attack Poland.

“We must clearly state that we met here because we oppose the discrimination of our families. As we well know, only the natural family is able to secure the safety and future of the Polish nation,” Nowak said.

Nowak warned that “the concept of cultural gender is a lie which has been accepted by the societies and even government of Western countries and those who oppose that lie are discriminated against”.

Both Nowak and Paweł Ozdoba also spoke in context of the Polish Constitutional Court’s hearing concerning maintaining the current eugenic abortion law in Poland, which will take place on Oct. 22.

Nowak said that she hoped the court will “choose the side of the civilization of life, and oppose the progressive civilization of death.”

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