Will Poland see early snap elections?

Members of the United Right would risk too much in early elections, which means that they are stuck with each other, writes Editor-in-Chief of Sieci weekly Jacek Karnowski

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jacek Karnowski

What is the reason for the rising conflict within the United Right coalition? Are early elections a real possibility? The whole issue is multi-faceted.

The first problem is the animal protection bill. On one hand, it has such high support in parliament, that Law and Justice (PiS) does not need the votes of its coalition partners. On the other hand, lack of unity within the United Right is a serious and even dangerous issue for PiS, as it creates the perception that its partners will want to capitalize on their own identity in the future.

This situation presents the threat of political separation. The background for all of this are the plans to reconstruct the government and the rising emancipation of both PiS’s coalition partners — the United Poland and the Agreement parties — that form the United Right.

The smaller parties agree to the reduction of their influence to single ministries but want compensation in other areas. They believe that they are being offered too little without any guarantee that they will not lose what they have in the future.

PiS, however, believes that despite being the major political force in the country, it has to pay too high a cost to the coalition because the two junior partners have a disproportionate number of MPs compared to their actual political position.


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