Polish President Duda: The livelihood of farmers and their families should come before that of animals

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polsat News

During the harvest festival in Warsaw, in a speech delivered by Polish President Andrezj Duda, he emphasized that while it is important to treat animals in a humanitarian way, the well-being of Polish farmers must come first.

The president was referring to a new bill concerning animal rights passed on Friday in the Polish Parliament. The new bill foresees a ban on breeding animals for fur and restricts ritual killings of animals.

The amendment is now being debated over by the upper chamber of the Polish parliament, but the issue has triggered a political crisis that is a threat to the stability of ruling coalition of Law and Justice (PiS), United Poland and Agreement.

Duda emphasized that the legislative processes surrounding the bill has not yet concluded and amendments are still being discussed.

He pointed out that many false statements have been said by politicians concerning the issue of animal care in Poland, and especially from people “who do not understand how animals are bred in Poland”.


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