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Can you see any fascists, Mr. Verhofstadt?

Poland’s Law and Justice (PiS) MEP Dominik Tarczyński published a video on social media to show that there were no fascists attending the Independence March that took place in Warsaw over the weekend. The video was in response to remarks made by Belgian politician Guy Verhofstadt who, following the Independence March in 2017 said, that […]
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8M AGOAmerica liberalism Patrick J. Deneen Warsaw News Poland

‘Cities don’t have to be wretched cesspools of human filth’ – US professor contrasts photos of Poland’s Warsaw with homeless tent camps in Portland, Oregon

Professor Patrick J. Deneen visited Poland last week to attend a major conference and was impressed by what he saw, writing on Twitter, “Cities don’t have to be wretched cesspools of human filth”

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