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Russia threatens Poland with harsh retaliation for the closure of the embassy’s Russian language school in Warsaw

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is warning Poland that there will be a very strong reaction against the action taken by Warsaw city authorities to seize the building in which the Russian Embassy had its Russian language school. Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the Russian ministry, warned the response would be “very tough” but […]
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Biden’s visit to Poland: Unlike Berlin and Brussels, Washington will not interfere in Polish elections

The U.S. president’s visit to Warsaw highlighted the divergent attitudes of the United States and the European Union towards Poland, with the EU demanding servility and ideological conformity, while the U.S. prioritizes security and military cooperation, writes Polish columnist Jakub Maciejewski

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‘Cities don’t have to be wretched cesspools of human filth’ – US professor contrasts photos of Poland’s Warsaw with homeless tent camps in Portland, Oregon

Professor Patrick J. Deneen visited Poland last week to attend a major conference and was impressed by what he saw, writing on Twitter, “Cities don’t have to be wretched cesspools of human filth”

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