Debate in Warsaw: Poland should actively create a Christian Europe

The organizer of the conference was Solidarity Poland MEP Patryk Jaki. (Source: YouTube/SolidarnaPolska)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland needs to take a more active role in promoting a Christian Europe, said Former Polish Speaker of the Sejm Marek Jurek, who took part in the “Gender, Cancel Culture, and Freedom of Speech in the 21st Century” panel at the Clash of Cultures conference in Warsaw.

“In a very active way, Poland should aim to create a Christian Europe and Christian public opinion in Europe. Without it, there will not be an actual reconstruction of European civilization,” he said.

Jurek spoke with conviction about a debate that touches on a range of issues, such as discrimination, exclusion, and attempts to erase history. He emphasized that while it was important that Poland expresses its views on national forums and takes part in democratic processes, the country must also partake in international cooperation at the level of national governments and the European Parliament in order to defend itself from international institutions.

Father Dariusz Oko, who is also a professor, emphasized during the debate that the rules of nature and existence are unchangeable.

“The madness of gender ideology lies in the fact that they want to break the rules of nature because they live in a foundational lie. They are negating the truth of existence, and they are negating God. They consider themselves to be above God. This is nonsense that inevitably leads to even greater nonsense. This is why Nazism existed, why communism existed, and now we have genderism — a mutation of communism,” Oko said.

Father Dariusz Oko:

The madness of gender ideology lies in the fact that they want to break the rules of nature because they live in a foundational lie.

The Clash of Cultures conference organizer, Solidarity Poland MEP Patryk Jaki, encouraged people to participate in this very public debate.

“Poles deserve a serious intellectual debate — not the one which is currently being restricted to short TV interviews and is incredibly simplified,” he said.

Jaki stressed that the debate was part of the struggle for building higher social consciousness and addressing the complicated social and political engineering which Poland is being subjected to.

“Culture Clash in the EU” is the slogan of the three-day conference organized by Jaki in Warsaw. The aim of the conference — which has over 100 politicians, experts and journalists participating — is to summarize how Poland is developing socially and culturally compared to other European countries and outline culture clash scenarios for the decades to come.

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