Jesus wouldn’t side with today’s LGBT vandals, but with ordinary families

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“Jesus would side with the LGBT, with the weak” — this sentence is repeated like a mantra after every profanation, every provocation and every act of assault against the terrified majority.

Now, it is being echoed by former Polish Prime Minister and President of the European Council Donald Tusk, as shown by his statement in reference to the vandalized statue of Jesus Christ in front of the Holy Cross Church in Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw’s center:

“As the leader of the European Christian Democrats, I would like to remind people that Jesus always stood alongside the weak and injured. Never on the side of oppressive governments,” he wrote on Twitter.

The acts of vandalism took place on the night between July 28 and 29, when a group of people who signed off on their acts with the phrases “spread chaos” and “end nonsense” profaned the statue of Christ and vandalized other Warsaw monuments by attaching LGBT flags and putting Antifa masks on them. In some places, signs also appeared with the “message” of, “F*ck you ignorant people.”

But who really are the “weak” today?

Is it those Polish municipalities, which heroically try to defend themselves against a mutated form of Bolshevism? Or the European Commission (EC), which brutally attacks their right to use EU funds for which every European pays, no matter their views?

Who is weaker? The unpunished, increasingly aggressive, well-paid LGBT activists, who are internationally protected by the media and politics? Or Polish families, often ordinary ones, simple ones, who try to desperately defend their right to raise their children in accordance with their values and what they consider to be moral?

A brutal and ruthless steamroller is rampaging through the world, screaming about how it is oppressed and hurt. It wants to threaten, humiliate and banish from public life anyone who tries to stand against it, so that no one will stop it from recruiting children and youth for its insane dance on the grave of a once glorious civilization.