Liberals’ big problem with Independence Day

Tens of thousands of Poles took part in the Independence March in Warsaw.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Julian Olech

The annual March of Independence is very troublesome for liberals in Poland, especially those representing the extreme opposition. On top of their revulsion of any sign of national pride, each Nov. 11 manages to gather far more people than any event the opposition could dream of cobbling together.

The opposition does not understand why this march is so respected and why people from other cities, often with children, travel to Warsaw to emphasize their connection with Polish values and traditions.

As an example, two women who took part in this year’s march came from Gdańsk, stating that in their city there is no such march. It is true that Gdańsk does have its own parade of independence, but liberal Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz boasts that is a meeting of Poles and citizens of Gdańsk and Europeans.

For many Poles, they want a march that celebrates that focuses on the Polish nation and attended by politicians who are actually proud of their country.

By straying from the holiday’s celebration of Poland as a nation, the liberal-left opposition, who want to promote gender equality while at the same time trying to prove that there are more than two genders, is exposing itself to mockery and rejection from the majority of Polish society.

The mayor of Warsaw had not even found time today to pay his respects at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier.

Another tough pill to swallow for liberals are words such as the ones repeated by President Andrzej Duda on Monday and first spoken by Roman Dmowski, who said, “We are Poles and we have Polish responsibilities.”

Can the cynical actions of MEP Robert Biedroń, who cheated his voters by breaking election promises and opposing a bill to penalize pedophilia in the European Parliament, be seen as fulfilling Polish responsibilities? It seems as if he is simply following in the footsteps of fellow opposition MEPs who already have a tradition of fighting reasonable proposals from the Polish government within a European forum.

The Polish Independence Day is also harmful for liberals due to the increasingly popular tradition of singing patriotic songs on that day. These songs, now sung not only during marches but also sung privately between citizens, underline the connection people have with Polish traditions.

This emphasis on tradition must hurt the liberals because they do not have anything else to offer us other than strange newspeak, gender propaganda and a total rejection of Polishness and patriotism in favor of belonging to a utopian superstrate, which is what they want to turn the EU into.

Polish Independence Day is an annual problem for liberals and will remain so until they understand that this is Poland and we “are Poles and have Polish responsibilities.”


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