‘Poland is a precursor and example for other countries,’ says Polish pro-life activist

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The European Union should not be dictating abortion legislation in Poland, said Kaja Godek of the Life and Family Foundation while criticizing last week’s deliberations in the European Parliament concerning abortion in Poland

Godek emphasized that the European Parliament does not have any prerogatives or jurisdictioon over Polish abortion laws and should not be conducting debates on the topic. And if such a debate is organized, then it should be a dialogue between two sides.

In the interview for portal dorzeczy.pl, Godek described the debate in the European Parliament as a “caricature”. While it involved representatives of the Polish government and Polish MEPs, the only representative of Polish women was pro-abortion protest leader Marta Lempart, who is currently facing charges for breaking pandemic restrictions and promoting violence against churches.

“It is not a secret that Lempart has been living in a homosexual relationship for years. If a lesbian is meant to make statements in the name of other women on the subject of raising children, then it’s a joke,” Kaja Godek said.

She added that the debate’s organizers ignored a million Polish citizens who demanded a ban on eugenic abortion, which is referring to the petition to ban abortion signed by over a million citizens. The LIBE and FEMM committees deliberately omitted pro-life supporters.