Polish PM Morawiecki announces National Recovery Plan to revive Polish economy

The new National Recovery Plan will help Poland overcome post-pandemic challenges and exit the crisis in a strong position, the prime minister said

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

The new National Recovery Plan (KPO) will help Poland overcome post-pandemic challenges and exit the crisis in a strong position, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said.

Morawiecki pointed out that while the next few weeks will be crucial in fighting the pandemic, new challenges lie beyond for which Poland is preparing.

“In a few months, when the national vaccination program will be protecting us, we will have to face the great challenge of reconstructing the Polish economy. We want to wisely use this time of trial and the KPO is meant to help us,” he stated on social media, emphasizing that the current challenge is one unseen for decades in Europe and Poland.

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Morawiecki explained that the victors of this struggle will be those who will be able to care for their financial stability while also depositing large sums of money in investments.

“Poland plans to be among the countries who will exit this crisis strengthened,” he said.

The prime minister outlined that the plan will be based on five pillars.

  • The first pillar will be the increase of the efficiency and productivity of the Polish economy, as well as rebuilding its competitiveness, which will be associated with an increase in salaries and the level of investment of Poles.
  • The second pillar will be digitalization of the economy which will help make it more immune to shocks such as the pandemic.
  • The third pillar is to be an efficient and effective health care sector in which the government will invest €4.43 billion as part of the plan alone.
  • The fourth pillar of the plan will be support for low-emission public transport, railways and development investments. The government will invest €5.53 billion in this endeavor.
  • The final pillar will be changes in terms of climate policy which must be answered – energy transformation. As part of partnership, National Recovery Plan and state funds, Poland will give €55.3 billion for investments in the green economy.

All of these programs and plans are meant to protect current workplaces while also create new, innovative ones.

PM Morawiecki added that the plan is merely the vestibule to the Polish New Order.

“As part of the New Order, we want to reconstruct the financial system, the education system, the health care system and conduct huge investments such as the Solidarity Transport Hub Poland and the Vistula Spit,” he stated.

The Polish New Order is also meant to increase Poland’s competitiveness, which Morawiecki believes will be the main point of contention between all regions in the world and within the EU itself.


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