Microsoft will invest $1 billion in Poland

Poland signs its largest IT partnership agreement in history with Microsoft, which plans to open its first data center in the region

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Radosław Jankiewicz

As part of the $1 billion investment, Microsoft plans to construct its first cloud data center in Central-Eastern Europe in Poland, announced the general director of the Polish Microsoft branch, Mark Loughran.

“This means access to world-class technology, and particularly cloud solutions from the level of the data center located in Poland,” he said.

Loughran declared that with this new investment, Poland has a chance to become the digital heart of Europe.

Microsoft has also announced a partnership with the Polish National Cloud Operator (OChK). The CEO of OChK Michał Potoczek emphasized that Poland has managed to convince the largest technology company in the world to invest in the country.

He stressed that the investment will provide Polish companies and public administration with access to the most modern cloud solutions as well as hasten the digital transformation of the Polish economy.


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