The migration period has begun

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We are mature, cultural, and democratic. We have more advanced technologies and weapons than Rome did. And also a far more developed society. More than others.

Like in Rome in the year 300 but 170 years later, almost nothing is left. Today, another population lives there and speaks another language. The Roman civilization collapsed. The area, then, reached similar technological and cultural levels only and now it will probably be repeated.

The empire collapsed from the pressure from outside, but it was defeated as a result of already being disintegrated from inside. Thus, Europe is in danger of a similar destiny.

Civilizations simply disappear sometimes, but not all of them in the same way. For instance self-destruction of our civilization is new. The Romans did not send volunteers and legions to rescue Germanic “refugees“ in the Alps and did not bring them to Rome. They did not have the feeling that it was their fault that other civilizations were poorer than them.

Cultural Marxists and those who are digging a grave to our civilization try to narrow the current issue of migration to legal/illegal. Like if it gets a little bit legal, it is not the same problem, but it is. 

Multiculturalism does not exist. It is a round square. The newcomers either assimilate or they do not and then there is a conflict, even after a couple of decades.

And countries change. Within a few years, criminality has increased and the composition of offenders has changed. The data is being hidden or trivialized. The face of cities is changing. The atmosphere and security in schools. The original inhabitants are being pushed out of public space, and when they oppose, the media label them as neo-Nazis and right-wing radicals.

Perhaps, we are the Eastern Roman Empire which lasted a thousand years longer. But let´s not act as if nothing is happening. In Saxony (and Sweden), our civilization’s future is being decided on. God protect AfD and the Swedish Democrats.

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