Sweden is divided, anti-immigrant rhetoric paid off

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The polarized country has to deal with a party that nearly one fifth of voters wants but no one will govern. Social Democrats won once again, but their prospects are unusually bad.

Just like in Germany, Hungary or the Czech Republic, the success of Sweden Democrats showed that there is not a topic that should be tabooed in a campaign or in general, and that political correctness will no longer be a mainstream for most political parties and the media.

The elections have shown that Sweden is no longer an example of a country where everything is fine and where there are no problems at all. That´s why the eurosceptics from Sweden Democrats succeeded.

Pre-election surveys also failed once again. More and more popular Swedish Democrats gained a little less than expected. In some surveys they even led, but they actually finished third. They were doing well in internet surveys but they are always different from actual voting.

In any case, the Sunday elections mean a huge change for Sweden. Hardly anyone can question the impact that mass migration has on a welfare state, which has been untouchable for Swedes.

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