Morawiecki: V4 is more than just allies

Very few nations understand each other like the Poles and the Czechs, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Hospodářské noviny during his state visit to the Czech Republic.

editor: REMIX NEWS

According to Morawiecki, the Visegrad countries are more than just allies, their views and interests are overlapping to a large extent. And when it comes to alleged Euroscepticism of PiS, there isn’t any, he added. Morawiecki said that they are only fighting for what is good for Poland, just as any other Western European country.

The recent march at the centenary of Poland in Warsaw was attended by the highest number of people in 30 years and it was clear for all of us what patriotism is, Morawiecki said. He believes that Poles are different when it comes to thoughts about history, because they had a chance to become a great empire and lost it. The 1918 brought a new hope for both our nations, and these days we are looking into the future and wish for a strong EU with strong V4 and the Three-seas, he added.

Morawiecki also commented on the bond with the Czech Republic, saying the economies supplement each other and called the country a very important trade partner. He also mentioned that he pushed for tax system changes within the EU together with the Czech PM and praised their relationship.

The Polish PM shares similar views to Babiš on the issue of migration and efforts to establish himself as a strong European leader.


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