Night Wolves lose their tanks and guns

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The European headquarters of the Night Wolves in Slovakia has been emptied according to the authorities. The machine guns, tanks and armored transports were removed from the area belonging to the controversial biker gang.

The Night Wolves equipped their European base several months ago, officially the reason for renting the area was organizing bike trips and historical activities. However the base was also filled with rented army vehicles and supplies.

Most vehicles were provided by the Ministry of Defense and the Military History Institute, which rented the various equipment for 469 euros a month. The biker gang was getting access to the older, only partially functional equipment under the alias of the “Museum of Historical Vehicles, Trnava.”

Due to the medicalization of Miloslav Čaplovič, the head of the MHI was removed from his position and Jozef Hambálek, the leader of the Night Wolves had to return the equipment. The ministry claims the loan happened by mistake. In total seven light machine-guns, two SMG’s, two tanks, three transporters and an anti-air cannon was taken back by the ministry, said spokesperson Danka Capákova.

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