Security expert says politics is responsible for Chemnitz

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Security policy expert László Földi said the events in Chemnitz, Germany are a clear diagnosis of a botched immigration policy.

In an interview with Magyar Hírlap, Földi – former director of operations of Hungary’s civilian intelligence organization, the Information Office – said that social movements opposing migration have been brewing for a long time in Germany, because the tolerance threshold of the people there is lower.

Földi said the lessons learnt from the events in Chemnitz is that German political leaders still don’t realize how untenable the current situation is. German politics has allowed the existence of minorities that are above the law. He recounted the case of a friend of his, who lost his passport in Malta and was not allowed to travel home from one EU country to another.

In contrast, millions are coming to Europe without any identification whatsoever, claiming they are entitled to this on account of being ‘poor refugees’

Upon arriving in Europe, these people will not even abide to the laws of their own culture, Földi says. Attacking women on the street has serious consequences where they come from, and so does thieving or hooliganism which they do in groups, yet they can get away with it in Europe.

By now it has become clear that radically different cultures cannot coexist peacefully and such behavior will also bring out the worst from the native population. Whether from the right or the left, the truth is that such public violence can only occur because politics does not extend protection to the majority population.

The main question is not how eighty million Germans relate to five million migrants, but what will it be in fifty or one hundred years. In fifty years, Europe will have changed radically as traditional order falls and conflicts will become a daily occurrence. He said even the forces of law order are conflicted because of contradictory signs coming from the political leaders.

“It is quite telling that twenty thousand Berlin police officers asked to be transferred to the countryside because they feel unable to fulfil their oaths while in France, and the number of suicides among police officers is rampant.”


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