German president pours oil on fire

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Frank-Walter Steinmeier really did it this time. He invited punk-rock band Feine Sahne Fischfilet to a concert against violence in Chemnitz. He wasn’t even bothered by the fact that the mainstream German media has already apologized and admitted to having overreacted to the events. While there were indeed a few drunk and disorderly youth, it was nothing like the “raging brown horde” as reported.

State television channel ARD even admitted that the images showing young protestors in Chemnitz raising their hands in a Nazi salute were in fact taken at another rally in another city. No wonder many call German state media “Lügenpresse” (lying press). But back to the concert.

People need bread and a circus, so let us give them a circus. The organizers were clearly out of their mind, seeing how one of the band’s most popular songs is “Deutschland Verrecke!” (Die, Germany!).

Feine Sahne

Feine Sahne Fischfilet concert in Germany

The German press carried widespread condemnations of the people of Chemnitz – and all Saxons by extension – even Spiegel magazine appeared with a cover suggesting that Saxony is a Nazi nest.

The truth is that in Saxony – and Chemnitz in particular – there are many different kinds of foreigners: Hungarians, Poles, Vietnamese, Angolans, Syrians coexisting in peace with the native population. Most of them came as guest workers while it was still part of East Germany.

Germany was a safe and friendly place. Then came 2015 and the changes it brought. The arrival of Middle Eastern and African migrants, who received aid from a government that had no plan on how to integrate, educate and provide jobs for them. It is no wonder many ordinary Germans wonder why the country is spending almost 50 billion euros on them every year.

Fortunately, we cannot yet speak of a strong far-right in Germany. But if immigration policy and resulting criminality remain on the same course, it is just a question of time before something in people’s head will tilt to the right.

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