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Only 12% of Romanians approve further LGBT rights – survey

The majority of Romanians would not extend the rights of the LGBT community and would approve of legislation strengthening the social role of the traditional family model, a recent survey showed

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Nicolae Bian
via: G4Media

A mere 12 percent of respondents to a survey conducted by the Romanian Avangarde polling institute answered “yes”, and 57 percent said “no” to whether the rights of those belonging to the LGBT community should be expanded. A remaining 31 percent did not express an opinion.

When asked whether the role of the traditional family should be strengthened through legislation, 62 percent answered “yes”, 14 percent “no”, and 24 percent could not or did not want to answer.

35 percent of survey participants answered “yes” and 19 “no” to the question of whether a campaign to promote LGBT ideology is underway. 46 percent of those surveyed did not respond.

The question was also asked the other way around: 21 percent of respondents said they thought such a campaign existed, and 31 percent said there was no anti-LGBT campaign in Romania. 48 percent of those surveyed did not respond to this question.

A full 55 percent of those surveyed said they did not personally object to members of the LGBT community, while 21 percent indicated that they were opposed to them, and 21 percent did not respond.

When asked whether juxtaposing the values ​​of the LGBT community with those of the traditional family is a real or artificial topic of discussion, 21 percent said they considered it real, 34 percent considered it artificial, and 45 percent did not respond.

According to the article describing the results, the survey was commissioned by the G4Media news portal, which regularly reports on the adoption of the Hungarian Child Protection Act and criticisms of the legislation in Brussels, but did not disclose the number of respondents or the method used.

According to previous surveys, there is a significant rejection of the LGBT community in Romanian society: for example, gay marriage was opposed by more than 70 percent of the population a few years ago.

Following a civic initiative close to the Romanian Orthodox Church, a referendum was held in 2018 in Romania to enshrine the concept of a family based on male and female marriages to prevent the legalization of gay marriage, but turnout did not reach the required 30 percent.

Title image: Participants, one holding a banner that reads “Did I vote on your marriage?” react during a gay pride parade in Bucharest, Romania, Saturday, June 9, 2018. People taking part in the gay pride parade in the Romanian capital demanded more rights and acceptance for same-sex couples.(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)