Opinion: Not from my tax money!

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In the beginning (i.e. in Communist times) everything belonged to everybody. It followed that what is yours is also mine, but you should not be concerned with what is mine. Then came capitalism and the concept that everything is made from my tax money, so I also have a right to say what to spend it on.

This has degenerated to the point where everyone has an opinion on what should or should not be built and where. Build this, don’t build that, here and not there. After all, this is my tax money, so I have a right to decide on what it should be spent on.

Except you don’t.

Let me hesitantly explain the essence of popular representation. In times of old, the King (Emperor, Czar) derived his power from God himself and the populace accepted this as the prime rule. The ruler simply said what will be built and where and – with or without checks and balances in place – that is exactly what happened.

In the present world without God or authority we govern ourselves. But if everyone just came forward with their proposal, there would be nothing but endless debates. So that’s why we came up with a convoluted system where we vote who should represent us in legislature, making for a functional system.

But the members of this system cannot be replaced on a whim – that would result in anarchy. So your tax money only exists within these confines. In a modern democracy you can cast your vote, send a representative but in the end, if you are in a minority, you must accept that you will be ignored to a certain degree.

If you don’t like how the money is being distributed and you would like to see 50 percent of the GDP spent on solar power, you can establish or support a party that wants to do exactly that. One thing you cannot do: you cannot question the majority decisions of a government elected three times in a row with a two thirds majority.

You have a right to voice your opinion that things aren’t going as they should, they steal everything and the system is corrupt. But you must also accept if the overwhelming majority disagrees with you, seeing how political majority is not decided by the loudness of any given voice.

So we should stick to democracy and the rule of law, now that we already have it.

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