PHOTOS: Trump holds closing rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for tens of thousands of supporters

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Under a red evening sky, President Donald Trump held the penultimate rally of his 2020 presidential campaign in Kenosha, Wisconsin — the same town targeted by Black Lives Matter riots in August.

Trump supporters gathered in the tens of thousands to rally one last time before the election tomorrow, Nov. 3. They braved freezing cold winds that brought the temperature down to 41º to hear Trump speak. Kenosha, which became a target of left-wing rioters who targeted 

Trump immediately visited the town right after riots left buildings burned down and civilians in the hospital. Trump vocally backed law enforcement despite Democratic objections. 

Trump arrived at Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee at 7 p.m. and then his motorcade drove directly to Kenosha.

Trump has found new momentum as the polls tighten in recent days. In many so-called “Rust Belt” states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Joe Biden’s negative stance on ending fossil fuels has become a liability, as the oil and gas industry provides tens of thousands of jobs in both states. 

Trump has hammered Biden on his promise to end fossil fuels with a viral video he posted to the web following their last debate. The video has been viewed 14.4 million times.

A video of the Trump rally was also posted to the web. The president is scheduled to hold one last rally for his 2020 campaign in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the same spot he chose to finish his last campaign in 2016.

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