PKN Orlen wants to double the number of its filling stations in Slovakia by the end of the year

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ORLEN recently opened its newest facility in Ruzomberk. In the next few months, it will open seven more Stop Café points throughout Slovakia.

The CEO of ORLEN Daniel Obajtek explained that the company approaches its expansion with a number of considerations, adjusting its investments to local conditions and market expectations.

In Poland and Czechia, he said, ORLEN invests in modernization, raising the standard and broadening its offers. In Slovakia, on the other hand, the company focuses more on the rapid development of its network.

Obajtek believes that the 2019 revenue figures show that ORLEN Group’s network has been well received in the Slovakian market and still has much potential to grow. ORLEN’s goal is to become a leader in retail sales on the Slovakian market.

“We are fulfilling our plan to strengthen our position on the Slovakian retail market. We just opened a new station there. By the end of the year, we want to double our number of stations in Slovakia to have 20 modern ones,” Obajtek said on Twitter.

The ORLEN group has been functioning in Slovakia since April 2019. By the end of that year, PKN Orlen began co-branding foreign gas stations. The ORLEN Group tag, with the characteristic eagle’s head logo, has been added to the names of local brands such as Star and Benzina.

Polish products are also available in Slovakia, such as drinks, food, and oil. The network recorded over 260 thousand transactions in 2019, out of which more than 50 percent were non-gas sales.

The gastronomic offer of ORLEN is also the most rapidly growing sales sector – in Czechia sales rose by 320 percent in the last eight years.

The ORLEN Group possesses the largest gas station network in Central and Eastern Europe with over 2,800 stations located in Poland, Czechia, Germany, Slovakia and Lithuania.

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