Poland ahead of most EU countries with COVID-19 vaccine distribution

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Poland is ahead of a number of other European countries in terms of its vaccination rate, a fact that the ruling government is pointing to as a sign of success. 

“In terms of number of vaccinations calculated per 100 inhabitants Poland has outpaced, among others; Germany, France, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Finland, and Spain. We are decisively ahead of the EU average. Thank you to all the people and institutions engaged with the National Vaccination Program!” Chief of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery Michał Dworczyk wrote on Twitter.

Dworczyk used statistic data from portal “The Spectator Index” to confirm the news. Among the states mentioned in the statistics, Poland is fifth with a vaccination index of 4.3 people vaccinated per 100 inhabitants.

First place belongs to Israel with 62, followed by the United Arab Emirates (40), the United Kingdom (17.6) and the United States (11.7).

After Poland in the ranking is Spain (4.2 per 100), Italy (4.1), and Germany (3.7). The European Union average is 3.7 out of 100.

Countries below the EU average include Turkey (3), France (3), Canada (2.7), China (2.1), Brazil (1.6), Saudi Arabia (1.2), Russia (0.6), Mexico (0.5), India (0.5), and Indonesia (0.3).

According to reports from the prime minister’s chancellery on Sunday, so far 1,641,158 vaccinations have been carried out in Poland. The second dose of the vaccine has been received by 440,365 people, and 1,200,793 have only received the first dose. Poland has a population of around 38 million people.

Polish government websites indicate that 1,393 cases of side effects after vaccination have been recorded. The majority of them are reddening and a short pain around the injection area.

So far, 3,238 doses of the vaccine have been disposed of in Poland.

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