Poland braces for Putin’s next WWII slander at upcoming Holocaust commemoration

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As the World Holocaust Forum in Israel approaches, Polish authorities are expecting more slanders from Russian President Vladimir Putin concerning the outbreak of the Second World War and Poland’s role in it.

Jan. 23 is an important date and test for Polish politicians. Vladimir Putin will be one of the main speakers during the World Holocaust Forum in Yad Vashem, and the Russian president might use the opportunity to present the Red Army as the liberators of oppressed nations under German occupation.

The Polish Presidential Palace is convinced that Putin will once again attack Poland and accuse the country of collaborating with Germany and participating in the partitioning of Czechoslovakia, which supposedly led to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Andrzej Duda has called a crisis staff comprised of experienced historians and PR management. In the following days in the global press, articles with a Polish narrative concerning the global conflict will appear, particularly in the American and Israeli press.