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Russia and Germany seek to crush Poland’s goal of energy independence

In the background of the war declared against Poland and Hungary by Brussels elites, it is difficult not to notice another ongoing war being waged over control of energy sources and natural gas in particular. Both of these conflicts are connected by Berlin’s dominant position and Moscow’s silent support. No one should have to be […]
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Lukashenko Belarus Zapad 21 WEST Aleksandr Lukashenko Belarus military exercise Vladimir Putin Zapad 21 News Poland

Zapad 21: Belarusian president accuses West of ‘hybrid aggression’

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced a billion-dollar military purchase from Russia and called for the EU to abolish its sanctions on Belarus in a sign that tensions will remain heightened between Belarus and neighboring countries

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For Moscow, conflict with EU is part of a larger plan

After Josep Borrell’s disastrous visit to Moscow, the Russians are ramping up the rhetoric against the EU to a new level in order to deliver a clear message, argues Marek Budzisz on portal

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Donald Tusk NATO Poland Russia Smoleńsk plane crash Three Seas Vladimir Putin Commentary

Donald Tusk’s government was easier for Moscow to manipulate than Poland under communist rule

By claiming that Civic Platform’s (PO) government was much more anti-Russian than Law and Justice’s (PiS), Donald Tusk is turning people’s brains to mush, writes Stanisław Janecki

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History Jan Olszewski Lech Wałęsa Poland Politics Russia Vladimir Putin Commentary

Former Polish PM is not surprised by Wałęsa’s praise of Putin

In the light of Lech Wałęsa’s recent praise of Vladimir Putin’s policies, former Polish PM Jan Olszewski claims that Wałęsa’s sympathies towards Russia are nothing new. “Lech Wałęsa as President did everything to hinder Poland’s entry into NATO and integration with the West,” said Olszewski in an interview with “Do Rzeczy”.

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Azov Sea crises Lech Kaczyński Poland Roman Polko Russia Ukraine Vladimir Putin Commentary

Polish general: Want to stop Putin? Act now!

“Putin understands only the language of actions,” claims general Roman Polko. He recalled Lech Kaczyński’s famous 2008 speech against Russia in Georgia and proposed that the EU muster up a similar response.

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army Emmanuel Macron France Military NATO Poland Roman Polsko Russia US Vladimir Putin Commentary

France wants European army because its own is weak, claims Polish General

France’s army is too weak, therefore they want to establish a European army. General Roman Polko explains Emmanuel Macron’s motivations behind creating a European army as a force against Russia, China and surprisingly, the USA.

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energy security Germany Mateusz Morawiecki NS2 Poland Russia Vladimir Putin News

Morawiecki warns that completion of NS2 could lead to war

PM Mateusz Morawiecki warned of potential Russian aggression on Ukraine after the Nord Stream 2 construction. A Kremlin spokesman responded that the Polish PM’s claims were “unfortunate” and belong to the category of “attempts to politicize the project”.

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Andrzej Duda Angela Merkel Emmanuel Macron Poland Politics Tayyip Erdogan Vladimir Putin News

Duda’s “cute” tweet on Istanbul’s summit photo sparks outrage

Andrzej Duda’s Twitter reaction to the joint photo of the leaders of Russia, Turkey, France and Germany from the Istanbul summit has caused outrage among the Polish opposition and liberal media.

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Vladimir Putin Orthodox Church Poland Russia Ukraine Viktor Orbán Commentary

Ukraine’s Orthodox Church breaks ties with Moscow

Constantinople’s approval to establish independence of Ukraine’s Orthodox Church from Moscow may have ramifications equal to those of associating Ukraine with the European Union in 2013. Professor Marek A. Cichocki analyzes how the Christian conflict between Moscow and Kiev will affect Poland and the region.

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