Poland seeks to reclaim lost WWII territory from Ukraine, Putin claims

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrives at a ceremony to present medals on the eve of Heroes of the Fatherland Day at St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, in Moscow, Russia, Friday, Dec. 8, 2023. (Sergei Guneyev, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Poland of aspiring to regain territories lost after World War II.

In his latest claims, Putin alleged that, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western powers sought to dismember the newly formed Russian Federation. He asserted that this idea was openly discussed at the time.

“Russia itself, as we know, was planned to be divided into parts… into five parts… They did not hide it. Everything was discussed openly,” Putin stated during an extended session of the Russian Ministry of Defense’s collegium.

According to Putin, after the Soviet Union’s fall, the West “began to operate most actively in Russia” and “pulled the newly independent states to their side.” He claimed that Western countries collaborated with a “fifth column, separatists, and international terrorist organizations” in an attempt to destroy the Russian Federation.

Some Western countries continue to aim for border revisions, the Russian leader continued. In this context, he mentioned Poland, which lost its Eastern Borderlands as a result of World War II. According to Putin, the government in Warsaw is actively seeking to reclaim these lost lands at the expense of Ukraine.

“The countries that lost territories, primarily Poland, dream of getting them back. Therefore, Russia could have been a guarantor of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. They don’t want it? So be it!” Putin remarked.

Commenting on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Putin complained that the West “provides Ukraine with real-time intelligence, weapons, and wages a hybrid war against Russia.” He also noted that NATO’s activities have significantly increased and declared that Russia will not abandon its objectives in the war with Ukraine, just as the West will not give up its “aggressive goals in Ukraine.”

“The West does not abandon its strategy of restraining the Russian Federation and its aggressive objectives. And we are not going to give up our goals in the special military operation,” he asserted.

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