Putin’s Night Wolves biker gang headed to Berlin for WWII victory celebration

Members of the Russian biker group Nochniye Volki (the Night Wolves) drive with Russian national flags toward Sevastopol attending a motor rally marking the ninth anniversary of the Crimea annexation from Ukraine, Crimea, Saturday, March 18, 2023. (AP Photo)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The Night Wolves motorcycle club has set out from Moscow in an attempt to reach Berlin for the Victory Day celebrations. However, their support for Putin’s war in Ukraine means that neither Poland nor Germany will facilitate their passage.

The annual journey undertaken by the biker club is unlikely to reach its destination this time since Ukrainian allies are wary of endorsing a Russian propaganda campaign.

Photographs taken on their departure from Moscow showed the bikers covered in Russia’s “Z” war symbols. They will pass through Volgograd, formerly Stalingrad, the site of one of World War II‘s greatest battles. However, they are unlikely to receive permission to pass through NATO’s eastern flank states, all of whom have introduced strict restrictions on Russians entering the EU. 

The Night Wolves, who are called “Putin’s rockers,” are also intending to visit the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, currently under Russian occupation. They will be delivering humanitarian aid to civilians and Russian soldiers in the city. 

The Polish government has made it clear that it sees the bikers as being controlled by the Kremlin. Deputy Interior Minister Maciej Wąsik has told Polish portal wPolityce.pl that they will not be allowed to pass through Poland, as they will not be granted passage or visas. 

The German government has taken a similar decision and announced that it will not allow the bikers onto its territory. However, according to Germany’s tabloid Bild, many of the members of the gang live in Germany. Therefore, a demonstration of some sorts may take place in Berlin anyway. 

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