Does Scholz know what the word ‘solidarity’ means?

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
3 Min Read

Olaf Scholz’s attitude towards Russia is truly disturbing.

Considering he is the leader of the most powerful country in Europe, It is absolutely distasteful that he seems intent on purposefully ignoring Russia’s ruthless extermination of the Ukrainian people. How could one be so blind to such horrors?

Instead of joining others from the international community rushing aid to Ukraine in the hope that it might alleviate the cruelty of the Russians, Olaf Scholz is busy making gestures that do not cost him anything. Nevertheless, later he tries to portray them as a part of his active involvement in ending this war.

It is hard to grasp why he claims that during phone calls with Putin he has urged “a ceasefire and improvement to the humanitarian situation” when it is impossible for this to be achieved over the phone. Why is he trying to “seek diplomatic solutions to this conflict” over a phone call? Has he forgotten how Putin lied to the European leaders, how he told them that he was ready to make concessions, and in the meantime launched his “special military operation” against Ukraine despite the talks?

Scholz’s decision to initiate direct talks with Putin now has been of little help to Ukraine. On the contrary, it has enabled a rather convenient way for Russia to say: “We’re trying to end this war, but the Kyiv regime is blocking all talks for peace by making unrealistic demands.” You can attribute the bolstering of Kremlin propaganda to none other than Olaf Scholz.

But it is not just Scholz who is gladly paying the Russians millions of dollars for their gas instead of actually helping the Ukrainians. He is just a tip of the iceberg; underneath the German chancellor lies a multitude of German politicians, supported by the establishment and business circles, who have been more than happy to cozy up to Russia over the years.

They have proven this through their rejection of proposals for the Bundestag to dedicate a parliamentary session to the matter of Ukraine. This has happened shortly after the Ukrainian president’s appeal to the German legislators to cease focusing entirely on their country’s economy and acknowledge how their continuous relationship with Russia has financed the bombs being dropped every day on Ukrainian civilians.

I don’t want to be the judge of the entirety of the German society, but considering that nation’s history, the proverb: “A fish rots from the head down” has unfortunately been all too accurate.

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