1970 communist massacre of Polish workers still demands justice: Duda

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President Andrzej Duda commemorated the tragic events of 1970 when Polish workers protesting against the communist government were shot by the army and police on the Baltic coast.

Standing in front of the Szczecin shipyard, he said that Poland since the end of communism has failed to bring those responsible for the deaths of the protesting workers to justice.

Duda expressed his anger at the fact that those responsible for the deaths on Poland’s Baltic coast in December 1970 had not been brought to account for their crimes but acknowledged that it was probably too late as most of those who ordered the massacre had died and many of those who shot the workers had already passed away.

“The tragic events on the Baltic coast in 1970 are a trauma because for 30 years since regaining freedom, Poland has been unable to bring the guilty to justice” he declared.

He added that this was because ”the guilty had cunningly camouflaged themselves in a free society” to evade responsibility.

Despite the difficulty in bringing the guilty to justice, Poland will never stop trying, with Duda saying, “I will never accept that the guilty were not brought to justice.”