Poland is escaping the trap of medium development, says PM Morawiecki

The symbiosis between the state and market is needed.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: wpolityce

Poland is slowly extricating itself from the trap of being a medium-developed country, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared. He pointed out that the most successful countries were the ones who reached symbiosis between state and market.

“I have the feeling, one built by data, that we are extricating ourselves from the medium-developed level. We are on the right track to escape that trap,” Morawiecki said at the 10th Congress of Polish Economists in Warsaw.

He added that the process is still a long one and emphasized that Poland must have the certainty and conviction that it is escaping those traps.

Morawiecki listed the quality of state institutions as an important factor in the process. He pointed out that there should also be more talk about “the symbiosis between the state and market.” In the prime minister’s opinion, the countries which have been most successful had achieved that symbiosis.

As an example, he pointed to Germany, which efficiently supported its market and German entrepreneurs after the Second World War.


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