Poland: PiS might lose its majority

If five Agreement MPs leave coalition, United RIght loses it majority in government

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polskie Radio

A divide between MPs in Law and Justice’s (PiS) coalition partner, the Agreement party, is threatening the future of United Right’s majority in government, according to PiS MEP Adam Bielan, who also serves as spokesman of President Andrzej Duda’s reelection campaign.

While the majority of Agreement’s politicians support remaining in a coalition with PiS, some members of Agreement want draw closer to the Polish People’s Party (PSL).

“Rapprochement of some Agreement’s MPs with PSL would mean breaking the government’s majority and leaving the current coalition,” Bielan stressed in an interview for Polish Radio.

Bielan emphasized, however, that although there are politicians within the Agreement who would want to join a new political group with PSL, such an option is “not very popular” within the party.

Adam Bielan:

Correspondence voting cannot be rigged

As a spokesman of Duda’s election campaign, Bielan also underlined that while he is a supporter of holding traditional elections, he admitted that the safety of voters must be maintained due to the pandemic, which is why postal voting is needed.

He added that such voting cannot be rigged, as voting ballots are highly secured and printed by the Polish Security Printing Works which will make it impossible to forge them.

Bielan emphasized that stealing the ballots would mean inability to vote in the elections, as each card must be accompanied by an individual statement of the voter, a signature and their national identification number (PESEL).


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