Poland’s conservative government launches ‘Polish Deal’ to achieve comparable living standards with the West

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The most important United Right politicians presented the new program of social-economic reforms named the Polish Deal. The proposals shown by the government are meant to rebuild the Polish economy after the coronavirus crisis and allow Polish society to catch up with Western Europe when it comes to overall standard of living.

Law and Justice (PiS) leader Jarosław Kaczyński spoke about the need for Poland to make a civilizational leap and equalize standard of living compared to the West.

“Poland has to be a country deeply enrooted in our own traditions and has to be a proud country — a country that moves forward and wants to achieve this leap. Yet, if Poland looks further, into the 2030s, it wants to go even further, even higher and all the way up,” he said.

The United Right’s new program is based on five pillars, which were presented by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The first one is a plan for health care, with 7 percent of GDP now expected to go to the country’s health services. The second is a lowering of taxes for 18 million Poles. In third are investments which will generate 500,000 new work places. Fourth is housing without the need for Poles’ own contributions and apartments up to 70 square meters. The final pillar is pensions without taxes up to €550.

For now, the key issue for the ruling camp is to present draft bills which will introduce the Polish Deal postulates as quickly as possible.

PiS senator Maria Koc revealed that these draft bills will be presented soon, and the changes will be introduced quickly as the Polish Deal is a program meant to help Poland exit the crisis.

She stated that the first changes will be introduced as early as this year. The taxation system reform, however, will take longer and will most likely appear in early 2022. The longer timeframe for tax reform is due to the realization that it will bring about powerful and lasting changes, and implementing such a modification without disrupting public finances would be difficult in 2021.

“We will undertake preparations as quickly as possible. Many solutions will certainly be introduced this year. I believe that draft bills associated with the Polish Deal will appear at the upcoming parliament sessions,” she said.

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