Could the Green Party crash the German airline industry?

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As early as this fall, a Green-controlled Bundestag will impose large taxes on airlines to immediately destroy charters and abolish short-haul flights in the near future. The new government majority will also introduce an obligation for every home to possess solar panels. Without the panels, a permit for construction will not be given out.

This is what we have learned from what is currently the most likely candidate for chancellor of Germany – Annalena Baebrock. The leader of the Greens has chosen cheap flights to Mallorca, beloved by German urban dwellers and pensioners, as her target. Although Mallorca is a part of the Spanish monarchy, it has been under the control of German tourists and residents for a long time.

“Prices such as €29 for a trip to Mallorca cannot exist any longer if we want to seriously consider climate police,” Baerbock said in the weekend edition of the Bild tabloid. She added that train tickets for a family must be cheaper than a short haul flight, which in her opinion should soon be removed as an option for travelers.