Poland is a Special Economic Zone

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“This project is meant to encourage investments in less developed areas of Poland and promote innovative technological enterprises in the more developed parts of the country,” explains Jadwiga Emilewicz, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology. 

According to a new law one economic zone will administer a few connected neighboring areas. The new bill foresees that all of Poland is one investment area and allows for tax benefits for entrepreneurs for 10 to 15 years.

Small and medium sized entrepreneurships are rewarded the most, as well as those located in counties with high unemployment rates and towns losing social-economic functions. Thanks to abolishing territorial limits, these companies are able to invest where it is most comfortable for them.

The newest solutions are to benefit Polish investors, especially small companies because investment outlays will be adjusted to their financial possibilities. The extension of the SEZ to the whole country is also meant to draw foreign investors, which will make Poland much more competitive on the international market. The ministry predicts that in 10 years over 200,000 new workplaces will be opened.

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