Thousands are waiting for Polish jobs in New Delhi

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Due to high demand for workers, employers from Poland have recruited people from the Far East. The majority are from Nepal, India and Bangladesh. There has been a steep increase in work permits granted to foreigners from those countries.

In the first half of the year voivodship offices have given out 16,000 documents to citizens of those countries, which allow them to undertake work in Poland.

In addition to work permits the foreigners also need a work visa, which they can obtain at the Polish embassy in New Delhi. The issue is, that there have been too many applications. In seven months, the embassy has given out only 3,500 visas. The waiting time for a Polish working visa in New Delhi is now nine months.

The waiting time for a Polish working visa in New Delhi is now nine months

Another issue is the local middle men who flood the system with applications to potentially resell them to those waiting for a work visa. Prices for such applications vary between 1 to 3,000 euros. “We’re fighting against such practices by checking letters, removing false applications and blocking scammers, but these are just temporary solutions,” says Artur Lompart, the spokesmen of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The problem is to be solved through visa outsourcing. Applications will be dealt with by outside companies. Such solutions have already been implemented in Russia and Ukraine, where visa centers run by companies allow people to apply and receive their passports without actually having to go to a consulate.

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