Poles approve of government’s handling of coronavirus crisis: poll

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Polling suggests that well over half of Poles approve of the government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and that support for President Andrzej Duda is increasing.

A poll taken by the IBSP agency reveals that 57 percent of Poles approve of the government’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic.

Only 16 percent disapproved while 26 percent listed indicated they were neutral about the government’s efforts to fight coronavirus.

Poland has taken some of the most dramatic action against the virus in Europe after it closed its borders to all foreigners last week.

Among candidates for president, it is the incumbent Andrzej Duda who is viewed as the best candidate to deal with the current coronavirus emergency, according to IBSP.

The poll showed that 41 percent of Poles felt Duda would handle the crisis best, 30 percentage points ahead of the nearest candidate, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz (PSL). The poll also showed that the main opposition party’s candidate, Civic Platform’s Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, came in third with just 10 percent of support.

According to the poll, Duda has the support of 51 percent of decided voters, with Kidawa-Błońska at just 20 percent.

When undecided voters are recorded separately, Duda has the support of 46 percent and his main liberal challenger has 18 percent of support.

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