Poles are shopping online more than ever

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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In the “Poles going e-shopping 2021” report, Santander Consumer Bank pointed out that the number of online shoppers has grown in the last year and e-shopping has become part of the everyday life for the majority of Poles.

More than 80 percent of the surveyed declared that they have participated in online shopping in the last year and 35 percent have been doing so even a few times a month.

Men more often bought items online (83 percent) than women (78 percent). Online shopping is more popular among the inhabitants of smaller towns of populations up to 50,000 (85 percent) and among young people aged 18–29 (93 percent).

The report’s authors believe that this high index of youth interested in online shopping was due to them being brought up in the time of common access to the internet.

The clothing industry is the most popular segment when it comes to online shopping, as 49 percent of respondents stated that they bought clothes online, while 33 percent also purchased shoes and 23 percent buy electronics.

When it comes to sales and offers, Poles most often learn about them through online ads (26 percent), social media (19 percent) and newsletters (15 percent). Eleven percent of Poles also learn about a shop’s range and sales through online portals.

The head of the department of sales and business client relations, Patryk Perliński, noted that for 54 percent of Poles, a decisive factor in choosing an e-shop is the price of the item they are looking for. This is why many Poles enjoy Black Friday offers.

The “Poles going e-shopping 2021” report was carried out in September 2021 on a group of 1,002 adult Poles by the Institute for Social Research and Market.

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