Poles in German uniforms

Due to a shortage of police officers, the German state of Brandenburg has started to recruit Poles into their ranks.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Job vacancies in the police force, both federal and state, is an issue throughout Germany. In Brandenburg, to fill all of the vacant places due to retiring officers, 400 new officers must be recruited each year. Since Brandenburg borders with Poland, they also look for potential candidates beyond the Oder River.

Reports state that 15 Poles have been accepted to the Brandenburg police academy in Oranienburg. The first three have completed their training and have started service in Frankfurt (Oder). Since 2015 when the vacancies were announced, 354 Polish men and 181 Polish women have answered the call.

Germany informs the public about their recruitment through the web, as well as through pamphlets given out at border crossings.

The Polish-German police agreement foresees cooperation in terms of patrols near the borders, crossing the border when chasing criminals and close cooperation in fighting crime.


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