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Poles to spend upcoming long weekend in Poland: report

As pandemic restrictions are loosening, a third of Poles are planning to use the opportunity to leave their homes during the upcoming long June weekend

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Patrycja Otto

Many Poles are looking forward to spending the June long weekend away from home but prefer to stay in their own country, according to the latest survey carried out by IMAS International for the Economic Information Bureau.

This is, nevertheless, a positive signal for industries which want to rebound after months of lockdown. The gastronomy industry has lost €47 million and debt has grown by 28 percent compared to the period prior to the pandemic while the hotel industry has suffered €12.4 million losses and a 41 percent increase in debt.

Ninety-three percent of Poles planning to travel intend to spend time in Poland itself. They will also not save money on any expenses and close to half of them will spend between €67 and €111 on their trips. More than 30 percent of Poles will spend even more.

Experts point out that this money will mostly reach the gastronomy industry as only every third Pole intends to spend time at a hotel.

Travel agencies will also have to wait for their rebound. Only about 7 percent of Poles declared that they will spend their long weekend holiday abroad. One of the main reasons for this are the constantly upheld restrictions. Many people are also waiting to travel abroad until they receive their vaccines and gain immunity to the virus.

To travel to the majority of EU countries, it is still necessary to show a negative COVID-19 test and fill in a localization survey (concerning where a tourist intends to stay). In some countries, such as Lithuania, there is still mandatory quarantine. These rules, however, do not affect vaccinated people and those who have survived an infection. Germany is an exception starting May 30 but only in the case of travelers entering the country by land — they will not have to register or receive a COVID-19 test.

Poles who are returning from the Schengen zone do not have to go through quarantine provided they have a negative COVID-19 test no older than 48 hours prior to their return. Those returning from beyond the Schengen zone, however, will have to undergo quarantine unless they take a COVID-19 test within 48 hours and its result will be negative.