Poles will build the first commercial satellite to Mars

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Polish companies and universities are currently participating in several breakthrough projects related to space travel and exploration that could help contribute to future plans to colonize Mars and the Moon.

Poles have already been increasingly participating in developing technolgoy meant for use in space. The Philae probe, which landed on the 67P/ Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet, which is the most researched comet in human history, was equipped with a Polish device. Another vital Polish invention, the Kret HP3, which was designed to track the heat flow and thermal properties of Mars, also found itself on the InSight robotic lander which is currently located on the Red Planet.

The ingenuity of Polish engineers has also been appreciated by Virgin group CEO, Richard Branson. Branson, alongside Virgin Orbit, is planning to initiate three missions to Mars.

One of them will involve a small research satellite, and Polish company SatRevolution will be responsible for the project alongside five Polish universities. The company has a plethora of groundbreaking projects in its résumé, including those for Polish and foreign companies.