‘Duda’s Plan’ means strategic and local investments to help Poland flourish

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During his open meeting in Stalowa Wola in East Poland, Polish President Andrzej Duda underlined that he is running in the elections so that no one will push Poland’s development back five years.

He guaranteed that “nothing that was given will be restricted or taken” and presented his plan for the next term.

Duda’s plan

“Duda’s Plan” is a decade of public investments focused on development and based on four pillars: strategic investments, local investments, investments in healthcare, and investments in the environment.

The strategic investments outlined in “Duda’s Plan” are the Central Communications Port (CPK), the Vistula Spit, the Baltic Pipe and the Via Carpatia and Via Baltica.

All of these investments are currently being developed or are undergoing intensive preparations, so that they can be completed in the next ten years. This will give Poland a strong development impulse.

Duda pointed out that opposition candidates are demanding the suspension or termination of some of those investments.


Healthcare investments are another aspect of “Duda’s Plan”. This includes the modernization of 200 hospitals and cooperation with municipalities to do so, as well as the creation of health centers for the elderly.

Duda also announced the planned establishment of the Oncological Fund, which will have €1.1 billion at its disposal. The fund will not only finance cancer treatment but also the treatment of rare diseases in children.

Local investments

The president reminded of local investments supported by the municipality road fund, which is six times larger than during the Civic Platform government.

He also listed the state retention program carried out by the state, local governments and individuals (these investments will be supported by the state budget) and environmental programs, such as the Clean Air program, the national tree planting program or the “city with climate” (non-emission public transport and more parks).

Duda guarantees the social programs introduced by the government, but he also came forward with ambitious development projects based on strategic and local investments.

Cooperation between presidency and government

No other candidate is able to present such a realistic offer because only Duda’s second term guarantees stable cooperation with the government. Only their cooperation will permit the swift introduction of these new programs and investments.

Although other candidates have claimed that they too will not go back on the social programs introduced by PiS (Law and Justice), their credibility is non-existent. They used to attack and call them “pointless handouts.”

Some opposition candidates have continued this rhetoric and argue that the coronavirus crisis does not permit such high spending on social issues.

Title image: In this Feb. 19, 2020 file photo, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda campaigns for his re-election in Warsaw, Poland, AP.

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