Polish delegation will travel to Smoleńsk and Katyń to commemorate tragic anniversaries pending Russian approval

The Polish government sent an official notice to the Russian side on Monday

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Marcin Wikło

The Polish government sent an official notice informing the Russian government on Monday that a Polish delegation still plans to attend the Katyń and Smoleńsk commemoration ceremonies on April 10.

Polish authorities indicate that 49 people are meant to participate in the journey to Katyń and Smoleńsk. The Polish side sent an official diplomatic notice to Russia which included the names in the delegations and is awaiting a response.

Due to the circumstances, the Polish delegation’s size was severely limited. Representatives of the Katyń and Smoleńsk families weren’t invited.

The delegation is meant to be headed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and will travel via airplane to Vitebsk in Belarus. Afterwards, the group will travel by two buses to Katyń where they will pay respects to the victims of the Katyń Massacre and late they will travel to Smoleńsk to honor those who perished in the 2010 Smoleńsk airplane catastrophe.


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