Polish drunk driver from viral ‘flying car’ video testifies, remembers nothing

A driver whose antics shocked the world does not remember anything about his car catapulting at tremendous speed over a roundabout

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author: Polsat News

Following video of a Polish drunk driver’s car catapulting into the air that went viral around the world, the driver has finally spoken with police and says he remembers nothing of the incident.

Łódz city public prosecutor’s spokesman Krzysztof Kopania briefed Polsat News television on testimony given by a driver who, after a family quarrel on Easter Sunday drove at great speed and literally flew over a roundabout in the outskirts of the city.

He was severely drunk, with his blood test showing him to have 2,8 mg/ml of alcohol in his blood, and the man says he remembers nothing about the moment his car jumped across the roundabout and landed near a local church off-screen.

The webcam footage of the incident was shared widely across social media, and despite what appears to be the driver’s incredible leap into the air, the 41-year-old driver survived the accident in his Suzuki Swift vehicle after being transported to the hospital in critical condition.

“It took six weeks for his health to be sufficient for him to be able to be questioned by the police,” the prosecutor said. “The driver confirmed that he had consumed alcohol on that day. After a fight with his partner, he drank over a quarter of a liter of vodka and some beer.”

Kopania also noted that the driver remembers nothing about the incident.

“The driver of the Suzuki does not recall what happened,” said Kopania. “He awoke when he was being dragged out of the car by the fire service. He claims that he has talked to the local parish church where his car landed and is willing to make good on the damage he caused.”

The driver remains under police surveillance, and has been charged for drunken driving with the potential of causing an accident. He faces a possible 8-year prison sentence if convicted.

Title print screen and video clip: Telewizja Aleksandrów Łódzki, source: Facebook/tvaleksandrow


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