Polish F16s patrolling skies over Baltic states

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Polish fighters landed at the Lithuanian airbase in Siaulai on Saturday.

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defense, Poland is “one of the more active members of the mission.” Poland has been a part of the mission since 2005 and this is the second time that the Polish F-16s have flown to Lithuania. 

Previously, the Baltic countries were protected by Polish MiG-29 aircraft. Until April 2019, Germany will be the country assisting Poland and German troops will be stationed in the Estonian Amari base. 

Poland is one of the more active members of the mission

During the Baltic Air Policing mission, certain members of NATO patrol the skies over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, since the Baltic states do not possess their own fighters. The main goal is to counteract airspace violations by Russian planes.

Baltic Air Policing has been ongoing since the Baltic countries joined NATO in 2004.

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